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Tara Beattie

In 1998, Tara and her husband Brian founded Mange Tout, initially a fine dining restaurant, then becoming an event catering business which grew to include 8 SI Cafés across Leinster.

Whilst running and growing this business they saw a gap in the market for a professional hospitality staffing company and established The Caterwaiter. This grew to a recruitment company with prestigious clients such as Facebook, William Fry, Google, Aramark, etc. In 2019, they sold this business.

In 2021, Tara and Brian set up their new SaaS company, Prepsheets.com, which is the culmination of all the experience the couple gained whilst running their hospitality group. Prepsheets has investment from Enterprise Ireland and is part of the NDRC start up ecosystem.

Tara’s career has enabled her to gain deep insight in business from start up, growth, multi site operations, closure as well as sale. She has been involved in strategy, process management, finance, operations, business development and HR.