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With respect to any lectures, presentations, workshops, discussions or written materials forming part of or arising in connection with the Going for Growth programme, I hereby acknowledge and agree that the contents thereof are not intended to be, and nor do they constitute, legal, tax or professional advice.

I accept and acknowledge that the organisers, facilitators and presenters of the Going for Growth programme accept no responsibility for any loss, liability, expense or damages, either direct or consequential, arising from any reliance placed by me or third parties on any of the information presented, circulated or disseminated as a result of the Going for Growth programme. If I require legal, tax or professional advice in relation to any of the matters raised by the Going for Growth programme, I will consult my own professional advisors.

Going for Growth operates on trust and expects those involved in the programme to respect the confidences of others involved in the initiative. Accordingly, I agree to treat in a confidential manner any details regarding the experiences and businesses of the Lead Entrepreneurs and other participants that are shared with me as part of Going for Growth.