Adrienne Stewart  Rainforest Spa

Going for Growth gives you a unique opportunity to share your business story with other business owners in a completely confidential setting that would otherwise be unattainable. During the 9th cycle of Going for Growth, our group’s businesses saw dramatic strides forward – both in sales & employment. OurLead Entrepreneurs was an inspiration in helping us clarify what success means to us and how to achieve it.

Ailish Ryan  Mockness Ltd

Going for Growth was a great experience, I would highly recommend any female entrepreneur hoping to grow their business or focus themselves to join. At the Going for Growth sessions you discuss and resolve business issues and make decisions with the help of your piers and an industry expert lead to help you achieve your end goal, growth in sales, staff and profits!

Aisling Arnold  Arnolds Hotel

Prior to Going for Growth I struggled personally with the day to day businesses decisions and the operations of such a large team. I also struggled with the strategy of the business and my forward planning. Going for Growth made me stop and look at the business objectively which in turn allowed me to step back and look at my role and how I was performing. Each module was so clearly defined it allowed me to make an action plan and follow through with it. It also made me look at areas I didn’t want to and struggled with. The overwhelming love and support from my my fellow participants throughout the programme made the decision making and plans easy. Friends which have been made forever. Our Lead Entrepreneur inspired and encouraged each and everyone of us through out the programme. Going for Growth has changed me as a person and how I run my business. The frantic nature of my day has now turned into well organised focused goals and objectives. My sales have increased and my margins are now better than ever and I have a strategy which I will follow. Thank you to all the team for this wonderful opportunity.

Andrea Doolan  Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

I found the Going for Growth experience very insight and informative. The input and feedback from the Lead and the other participants in my group was very helpful, offering solutions and support to certain challenges.

Anne Forde  PoppySeed Gourmet Cafes

Being part of the Going for Growth 9th cycle has been a remarkable experience. It has been an energising and motivating journey from the outset. I have grown both professionally and personally from the programme and have a real sense of purpose for my business. Being able to share the challenges and trials of operating a business with other business owners in an honest and respectful space is invaluable. I cannot recommend Going for Growth highly enough, it is without question one of the best experiences in my professional life.

Annette Burns Young eumedia ltd

GFG is an opportunity to step back without stopping and look at yourself and your business with a critical but caring eye. Take to it an open mind and your best self and you may be surprised at what decisions you make and the opportunities you see. Being a business owner can be isolating but with this process you are engaging with people who are in similar circumstances and have the same ambition as you – to get the best outcome for your business and your life. The group sessions are only part of it; there is fantastic expert advice to be had from the sponsor partners like KPMG and Beauchamps. KPMG have been extremely supportive when i had very specific follow up questions – their people go above and beyond. I can’t think of a single reason not to do Going for Growth.

Caroline Sleiman Purdy Coffeeangel

Going for Growth programme gave me the much needed time to step out of the day to day running of my business and focus on strategic issues. The programme focused on nearly every aspect of how to run a business, successfully, and all this in the company of highly successful, driven and very focussed ladies. Going for Growth brings together a community of women entrepreneurs who might easily feel alone in business. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other like minded women really brings confidence to you and your business, giving ideas and courage to move forward. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Catherine Grennell Whyte / ATTS Travel Representation Solutions

The Going for Growth cycle has been an enormously positive experience. The encouragement and support received from Lead Mary McKenna proved both beneficial and worthwhile. The experience was packed with constructive advice and the camaraderie and affinity from other participants was a huge surprise and most welcome unexpected benefit. Highly recommended for any female entrepreneur.

Derval O’Rourke  Hurdle Star ltd

Participating in Going for Growth was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had to help grow my business. Being surrounded by like minded women was hugely influential. I would recommend the programme to anyone with ambition to grow their business.

Eimer Hannon  Hannon Travel

While you may wonder where am I going to get the time to add another task to our busy working lives by doing the Going for Growth Cycle, all I can say is … Make it! The Going for Growth programme has been the only programme that spoke common sense and understood the ups and downs of running your own business, and its not over in 6 months time – its such support to know that at all times there is fellow colleagues out there that you can bounce queries, ideas etc off. I feel privileged to have been selected on the 9th cycle and I will continue to do what I can to keep the programme going. The support from KPMG & Enterprise Ireland also has to be recognised. Thank you for including me on the Going for Growth journey.

Ella de Guzman  Siopaella

This is an amazing platform whereby women in business can communicate and learn from one another within a safe, supportive environment. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to improve their business!

Gail Condon  Writing for TiNY and TiNY Health

Going for Growth is the sort of business community that will inspire you to not just grow your business, but to grow with your business.

Heather Graham  Maurice Graham Ltd

Going for Growth has introduced me to a network of very talented business women who are operating successfully on a daily basis in very competitive markets and who bring determination,focus and dynamic ideas to an ever changing and challenging business environment. Our inspirational Lead Entrepreneur guided our group through topics which were relevant to all our businesses and helped us to tackle the areas that were hindering our growth. The encouragement,honesty,knowledge and friendship that occurs during a Going for Growth cycle really has to be experienced.

Heidi Higgins  Heidi Higgins

Going for Growth helped me clarify my strategies for growing my business. I was very lucky to be part of a great group of like minded women in business who encouraged and helped each other throughout the program. It has been one of the most valued professional programs I have taken part in and I couldn’t recommend it enough to other women in business. I am sorry it has come to an end but look forward to joining the Going for Growth Community and continuing to grow my business.

Helen Flynn  KonnectAgain

I loved my time in Going for Growth. It really taught me that no matter what type of business you have you will run into similar problems and it was great for the 6 months to know that when I did I had a great support system to help me through them.

Jean McCabe  Willow

Our business ‘flourished’ under the guidance of Going 4 Growth… one of the best programmes I have ever part-took in, both personally and professionally.

Jennie Flynn designist

Seeing a peer group of extraordinarily impressive women entrepreneurs go through all the same doubts and struggles we’ve been through made me feel far more confident and able than ever before. I went into Going for Growth trying to recover some of the bravery we had when we first opened and got it in spades.

Jules Mahon

Taking part in the 9th of Going for Growth was a slightly daunting process at the beginning. Having been fortunate enough to have been selected from hundreds of talented applications what I learned in those six months has far exceeded my expectations. Not only have I made some great friends but also business contacts who have my back and are willing to help support me in what I do and vice versa. This is what the Community is, encouraging each other to be the best we can be, to push the boundaries of our business and to not be afraid to take a risk for something we believe in. Going for Growth is empowering, enlightening and has reinvigorated my passion for my business and this has filtered down to every member of my team of young female professionals. I cannot recommend this programme enough and feel honoured to have been part of my inspiring group under our Lead Entrepreneur’s invaluable guidance.

Karan Burke  Ebano Ballinteer

I was so surprised and honoured to be chosen for the 9th cycle of Going for Growth. The confidence it has given me has being a credit to the growth of my team and my business within such a short time of six months. I remember leaving the first two meetings and thinking ‘I am sure they have chosen me and my business wrong’. I was seriously lacking confidence, in seeing myself as a business woman and kept knocking myself at any given stage to anyone I met, which obviously would doubt their ability in me, without me even realising. From session three my confidence turned around and I think the respect you have for yourself only mirrors in your team. It really has being an amazing personal and professional journey. I have so much ambition inside me and am so excited and reassured the future is bright and all my hard work and sacrifice be certainly worthwhile. Thank you for given me the opportunity to reassure myself I really am going for growth within my business. I am excited for the future of my business!

Kate McLoughlin  McLoughlin butchers

Going for Growth helped me see things clearer in my business. Meeting so many fantastic women gave me the head space and confidence to grow sales and ambitions for the business I had never thought.

Katrina Kelly  k2hair Ltd / Push Makeup Ltd / k2hair and Makeup Ltd.

I urge every business woman to go for Going for Growth. I’m in business 16 years and what I’ve learned in 6 months and the support I’ve received has been priceless, what a truly wonderful experience! This is just a quick snippet, I have so much more I could say but in one word AMAZING!!

Leanne Nolan  Jensen Fleet Solutions Ltd

Going for Growth has proven to be a fantastic tool for myself personally & for my business. The availability of a fantastic mentor and group has really helped me become more focused and determine to grow the business. I have met some fantastic people, running great business across all sectors, which has been extremely beneficial for me.

Lorraine Fretwell  TalentHub

I would just like to thank you to the Going for Growth team for an amazing course for females who have dreams of growing their own businesses and just need alittle help. From sales to setting goals and structures, to marketing and financial management, the Going for Growth programme covered everything. I found I learnt something new from each session and at the same time met a great bunch of people.

Lorraine Gribbons  Fastcom

I participated in the 9th cycle of Going for Growth and found it to be an extremely beneficial experience. I sent in my application not really knowing what to expect but what I gained was the ability to really step back from the day-to-day side of the business and focus on where we want to go and how we’re going to get there. The round table discussions were excellent, covering a wide range of topics relevant to any business no matter what industry you operate in. It was great to be in the company of a group of women, both participants and lead entrepreneur, who were all extremely passionate and ambitious about their businesses and were there to offer support and advice at every opportunity. I would highly recommend the journey to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Margaret Robb  Sweet Little Babies

Going for Growth was for me an absolutely invaluable asset to my business and personal growth.  It enabled me to focus solely on progressing and growing my business.   It enabled me to learn from other female entrepreneurs and how best to progress, plan and deal with challenges within my business. My Lead Entrepreneur was inspirational.  The workshops are superb and super beneficial to every business – big or small.  I gained so much positive support and life long friends by participating in Going for Growth.  I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any entrepreneur who wishes to set themselves apart within their industry and put their business on a path to grow and achieve even further success.  The positivity, support and knowledge of each and every entrepreneur is invaluable and an experience I will cherish forever.

Marie Looby  PereGreen Energy

It has been a fantastic experience to be a part of the Going for Growth programme – both for my own personal growth, and for the growth and expansion of our company. It was a privilege to be amongst such high calibre business women and to listen and learn from their stories was an inspiring and joyful experience

Michelle Robson  ely restaurant group

Going for Growth will inspire & encourage, give clarity & direction, give support and form invaluable connections with like minded individuals. Ignore your instinct to hesitate due to constraints on time, head space, commitment and ability. if you are considering this, then you should take the plunge, it will not disappoint.

Paula O’Neill  Premium Power Ltd

Going for Growth is a fantastic networking and support system. I feel privileged to have been part of it and it has really inspired and guided me to develop both myself and my business.

Siobhan Rogers  Costigan's Pharmacy

I am a 50 year old healthcare professional with little or no business training. In face most of what I know I learned the hard way. Over 25 years I have carved out a successful business through hard graft and with the support of my family – that’s the reality for most of us isn’t it? Just as I was starting to lose my nerve about a major investment I am making, Going for Growth came along. What a gift. Support, advice, constructive criticism, all given in a round-table forum where the other business people wish you nothing but success. Every minute of it was priceless.