Ashling Kilduff  Design Centre

Having run a business for over twelve years independently, the Going for Growth programme gave me a whole new insight into the exact tools and strategies required for driving the business forward. The support received from my Lead and my group throughout the programme was inspirational, I have really grown in confidence as a business woman thanks to this incredible programme.

Blathnaid Bergin  School of Restaurant and Kitchen Management

I found the experience of Going for Growth very beneficial in bringing clarity and focus to my plan for the future development and growth of my business. It has started a process which will continue and will be supported by being part of the Going for Growth Community where like minded women entrepreneurs meet and encourage each other to grow and be brave.

Caroline Browne  HRP Group

Going for Growth has been an extremely positive experience. The sessions were highly professional, relevant and contributed significantly to my personal growth and will continue to pay dividends to my business into the future. The programme is expertly and professionally organised by the Going for Growth team, along with the invaluable advice and support provided by my assigned Lead and my group, which I believe contributes hugely to its overall success. I have no hesitation recommending Going for Growth to any entrepreneur who wishes to set themselves and their business on the path to growth and indeed business success.

Caroline Sugrue  DCS Group

I have been in business for over 10 years and the experience and learning I gained through Going for Growth was invaluable. I looked forward to every session with a superb Lead and very enthusiastic team. The learning was very practical in nature and so could be incorporated into my business immediately with obvious measurable results. I would recommend Going for Growth for anyone in business regardless of the life cycle stage of their business.

Ciara O’Halloran  Redbank Food Co.

Going for Growth gave me a platform to learn from and contribute to a network of like minded, ambitious female entrepreneurs. The monthly sessions and topic based workshops gave me core skills in driving and growing my business. The support from both my Lead Entrepreneur, fellow participants, as well as the Going for Growth team, was immense and instrumental in the development and growth of my business.

Clodagh Davis  Naturally Cordial Ltd

I found the programme really useful in giving me space to think about my business strategically and test the soundness of my plans with other sucessful women.

Ingrid DeDoncker  E-Quiddity Ltd.

When I started the 8th cycle of Going for Growth, I felt my business was in turmoil. I had to make some serious decisions to restructure and to grow and did not know how to go about it. Going for Growth brought my attention back to the business basics which strengthen my business for the future and enabled me to start leading instead of managing.

Isolde Johnson  The Cool Bean Company

Going for Growth has been an invaluable learning and development process for me. When you’re running your own business it can be really difficult to find time to focus on the strategy and plans for growth instead getting caught up in the day to day running of the business. Going for Growth gives you a designated time every month to assess and improve every aspect of your business in a structured manner. You have the oppourtunity to learn from a Lead entrepreneur and from the other participant entrepreneurs and you are constantly supported and challenged to be better and achieve more.

Joanne Reilly  Kinvara Skincare

Participating in the 8th cycle of Going for Growth was a wonderful experience and one I value both personally and professionally. Going for Growth is an alumni for business women that is very positive, supportive and useful.

Kate Verling  Mink Hand and Foot Spa

I couldn’t begin to recommend Going for Growth enough. It has been the best step I have taken so far in my journey with Mink, in terms of personal development and company strategy. I have gained a lasting experience, one which I know will serve me in years to come as we grow our business. Building s strong network with such talented and hardworking women, has also been a lovely bonus to take with me.

Leah Pittam  Progressive Financial Services

Going for Growth was an eye opening experience for our business. The round table sessions provided huge insights for us to put the correct, solid structure in place to scale our business effectively going forward. I cannot express how grateful I am to have participated in the process and to have met the ambitious, inspirational business women on my team.

Lorraine Ho  Bootcamp Ireland

I would highly recommend the Going for Growth proramme for women in business. It gives you a very positive and regular constructive network to assist you in decisions that you may find challenging on your own. It focused me on strategy and I have become more professional than I was prior to joining the Going for Growth cycle. I would highly recommend it.

Louise Stokes  Loulerie Ltd

I found Going for Growth the most rewading experience in my 9 years since I opened Loulerie. As a busines owner there is a certain area of comfort you can find and operate and feel safe in after a few years in start up phase. Going for Growth really focused me and helped me up skill to take my business to the next level. The calibre of Leads and participants is extremely high so interaction with these amazing women can only benefit you and your business. I am extremely grateful for this amazing oppourtunity and experience.

Niamh O’Rourke  Chalk

Going for Growth was a very positive experience. It built my confidence, gave me a broader understanding of business and taught/reminded me how important it is to focus on business development on a regular basis. It was also a very enjoyable and inspiring experience.

Nicole Carey  Celtic Testing

Going for Growth allowed me to focus clearly on my business, grow my network and avail of mentoring all in a safe environment. The topics in the programme were not necessarily a priority at that time but they are essential to building a scaleable business. The mentoring allowed me to objectively look at the current processes in place and ask the question ‘Are they really working for me?’. The access to the network within Going for Growth allows me to tap into other peoples experiences and skills to help me grow my own business with confidence.

Ollwyn Moran  Cognikids

Going for Growth is a great opportunity to have a focus on your company away from your office with like minded people. The insight you gain from the experience of others is remarkable. The support you achieve is phenomenal and most definitely welcome at times of tough decision making and at times of self doubt! You always walk away from a group session feeling that you can conquer the world!

Paula Thomas  Alchemy Rewards

A superb programme that gave me the space and support I needed at a critical time in my business. I just wish it could have gone on longer.

Roisin Lafferty  Kingston Lafferty Design

Going for Growth has been extremely beneficial for me. It enabled me to learn from other female entrepreneurs and how best to progress, plan and deal with challenges within my business. It was extremely well organised and a real pleasure to be part of. My Lead was an inspiration, instilling confidence to the team and myself. It was great to be surrounded by such positivity and support from my talented team. The whole process has pushed me to move by business forward, dream big and given me the tools to get the most out of it with clearly defined goals and objectives to work towards. I would encourage every entrepreneur to do it.

Sara Mitchell  Poulet Bonne Femme

Going for Growth was the best thing I did in 2015, both for my business and for me personally. I learned so much from my attendance in the groups and could not recommend it more highly to any woman in who is hoping to grow their business. It changed the way i think about my role and it has resulted in a direct increase in revenue. It has given me huge confidence in my ability as a business woman and has inspired me to grow this business to the next level as well as have some fun along the way.

Shauna Coyne  SkyClad Ltd

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Going for Growth. Being surrounded by sucessful entrepreneurs was extremely motivating and the round table environment was a productive, encouraging, supportive space. Although our businesses encompassed a variety of markets, the business elements remained the same. I learned to adapt other techniques to suit my industry. Assigning time to work on the business as opposed to working in the business has given me the time to positively impact and grow our business.

Sinead Duffy  Yogandha

Going for Growth is an excellent focuser for your mind, boost for energy levels and salve for your spirit. Every issue that seems insurmountable someone in your group has already faced and is eager to share, which enables you to cut straight through it, saving time, energy, money and stress. If you are wondering if Going for Growth is right for you, if you are serious about your business and ready to focus on what will drive it forward – it’s right for you! Side benefits include incredible camaraderie. Expect to leave each gathering with a focused plan, more energy and a lighter spirit!

Suzie O Neill  AYU Make Up Ltd

I consider myself very lucky to have been involved with the Going for Growth programme. My group and Lead were such a great bunch of business women who gave so much support and invaluable advice during our time together. I have made new friends for life and would highly recommend anyone in business to take part in the programme. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Going for Growth in the future and what it will bring.

Theresa Mulvihill  Tamm Technologies Ltd

Going for Growth has been a wonderful experience. I was thrilled to have been chosen for the cycle but it was only when I met the other ladies at my table that I realised what an honour it was to have been selected. The skills, knowledge and the experience at the table was exceptional. A superb bunch of ladies all in one room who never held back where they could help. Our lead Susan Spence was practical, honest and so generous in sharing her experiences. She was supportive and great fun. I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any woman in business. I will miss my monthly meetings and wish there were more!