Anne Behan  Áine Knitwear

Going for Growth focuses you to look at all aspects of your business, and helps you to uncover and improve or uncover and delete processes to encourage your business to grow. it is clear, helpful and informative.

Annette Smith  Tennis4kids

Going for Growth does what it says – it has helped me grow my business significantly. Every young business wishing to succeed should attend the round tables. It is a great forum for growth and networking with like minded people. I have enjoyed the experience hugely.

Ellen Kavanagh  Waxperts Wax

Going for Growth has been an incredibly inspirational and motivational time for me and my business. In particular the Forum was a wonderful opportunity to meet and listen to some amazing entrepreneurs. It’s a fantastic programme and I’m so delighted to be part of it.

Emma Kelly  Elevate PR

I really enjoyed the Going for Growth experience and have met a wonderful community of supportive female entrepreneurs.

Gillian McGarry Inspire Promotional Products

I absolutely loved my experience on Going for Growth and would recommend it to others without any hesitation. Our team of ladies under the fabulous leadership of Aine Denn have got on brilliantly together and have shared experiences, advice and laughs together. The programme is a great way for business owners to meet other like minded women, to be accepted as part of a group and hear others experiences that can help you in your own business. It’s all about Going for Growth and that is what we signed up for – Onwards and upwards!

Grainne Walsh  Metalman Brewing Co.

Going for Growth was one of the most fascinating and interesting business programmes I have ever been involved in. It’s not easy to take a day out of your business once a month for six months, and I probably had some concerns starting off (which were based on prior experiences), that the reward for that “lost day” would not always be sufficient to really justify it. However, looking back at the programme now, I would never consider any of the sessions to constitute a “lost day” – the circle of peers I was lucky enough to be involved with, helped me to look into my business from the outside and see opportunities for change that I might not otherwise have seen. I would recommend this programme to any business women looking to bring innovation and growth into their business.

Hannah Wrixon  Last Minute Minders

Being part of Going for Growth has been an amazing experience. My business has developed in every way and I have grown in confidence as a business owner. I have met the most amazing women and have been challenged, supported, listened to and encouraged. I would encourage every woman entrepreneur to experience this phenomenal programme.

Karen Kerrigan  Kerrigan's Mushrooms

A terrific experience. I’m delighed that I can say I am a member of the Going for Growth Community.

Siobhan Parkinson  Little Island Books

Great support, excellent atmosphere. Go for it!

Vicky McDwyer  Esker Lodge Nursing Home

Going for Growth has had a really positive impact on our business. Everyone involved is passionate about what they are doing and determined to continually improve and expand their businesses. The peer network is very collaborative and encourages you to move in directions you might not have considered otherwise. Because you have monthly meetings, you commit to actions that you must deliver by the next session. And you want to demonstrate that you are moving forward and delivering results. Louise Phelan of PayPal has given very generously of her time as do the other voluntary Lead Entrepreneurs. Louise is extremely supportive and encouraging but she still kept the group focused so that we always got through the agenda. The Leads insights and experience is a huge inspiration and benefit all the participants. I would strongly encourage women who are passionate and ambitious about their businesses to apply.