Alice Lucey  Be Independent Home Care

Being involved in Going for Growth has been incredibly useful and inspirational. Taking part in the programme has really focused our attention on our strategy for growth. It gave me an opportunity to look at where our company was going and how we were going to get there. Most importantly it taught me the importance of having fun and really enjoy what I am doing and ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’

Angela Garvey  AG Associates

Going for Growth was an amazing and invaluable experience for me and my business which I would highly recommend! All the sessions were laid out in a very clear way and covered all aspects of developing your business. There was a very clear focus on how to bring your business to the next level with the session topics fitting in very well to developing your strengths and in achieving an effective plan of action for growth. It was fantastic to have a wonderful mentor and to meet other participants who were a great inspiration to me in what they had achieved. I now have clear steps in place to grow my business and will remain part of the Community, who are a great source of motivation. I would not hesitate in recommending this for all women entrepreneurs!

Ann Marie Walsh  The Tipperary Kitchen

As an entrepreneur it is important to be able to bounce ideas and discuss issues. Going for Growth sessions gave me the opportunity not only to air these ideas, but to receive honest feedback and excellent solutions from like minded business people in a secure environment.

Anne McNicholas  Beverly Hills Boutique

I would highly recommend participation in Going for Growth to anyone who is currently in business and looking to enhance their business. The round table discussions allow for practical, open discussions between like minded people who are all facing similar problems/ situations and the confidentiality means you can discuss specifics about your business without worry. The course is focused and practical, using a step by step method to apply to the goals that you set out at the start. I found it gave me increased confidence to implement decisions in my business and helped me clearly focus on what I wanted to achieve and how to reach the goals I set.

Caroline Connolly  MacCoole Tours

Going for Growth has made huge impact on my business and personal life. As the youngest member of our panel I was inspired by the other entrepreneurs and learnt a lot from their tales of business. Growth is achievable with planning and this was the most valuable lesson I learnt.

Cathy Riordan  PR Wise

Going for Growth is a hugely worthwhile initiative. The cycle of six sessions covers key areas to lead your business into growth. I looked forward to each roundtable session and the time to focus on the business. It enabled me to look at models for growth and get them right for my business. Great mentor in Lulu O’Sullivan and a great group. We will continue meeting up. I was delighted to be selected.

Deirdre Ryan  The Production People

Going for Growth allowed me the space to step back from the day to day running of my business and take a strategic look at my company and my own hopes and ambitions, while providing the tools, guidance and confidence to put those ideas into business practice.

Denise Walsh  Relish Cafe & Deli

I loved getting out of my apron, putting on the suit and going to Dublin for my Going for Growth Sessions. It was absolutely enlightening to talk with other business owners, no matter how small or big their businesses were, about the daily highs and lows of running a successful company. It was a safe and confidential environment with a strong emphasis on morale support. My lead entrepreneur Miriam inspired me and shared her invaluable knowledge and business acumen with us. I now have the exact tools to drive the business forward and I have already seen tangible results. I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any business woman who wants to take that big step of working on your business rather than always in it. I loved it.

Dilis Clare  Health & Herbs

The Going for Growth cycle was a small seminar/tutorial group with a tight structure designed with women in mind. We shared humour, experience and enthusiasm. The focus of getting the business done and the tight framework kept the purpose always in mind. The discussions exposed the nitty-gritty everyday business complexities ranging from the big strategic decisions, motivating staff and the bottom line of profit margins. The group leader did all of this with humour and infectious enthusiasm.

Eileen Fleming  The Buff Day Spa

I was delighted to have been accepted to participate in Going for Growth in 2014. The programme helped me to decide the best path for growing my company – which has already started. I doubt I would be as far as I am now without the monthly Going for Growth meetings. The participants at the round table as well as the Lead Entrepreneur were an inspirational group of hardworking, determined women whose opinion I valued. I would highly recommend Going for Growth to any women who wants to successfully grow their business. I am looking forward to continuing with the Going for Growth Programme and becoming part of the Community.

Eileen Forrestal  Get Up and Go Publications

Going for Growth is a fantastic programme and I encourage women in business everywhere to participate. I have no doubt that empowering women in business and encouraging their going for growth, has contributed significantly to the economic recovery in Ireland and it will continue to be an important driving force in maintaining and expanding on this recovery. For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to be in the company of such a generous and supportive group of pleasant and determined women – all willing to share the ups and downs of being an entrepreneurial business woman in Ireland today, and to offer advice and guidance to those of us who are significantly less experienced.

Fiona Egan  Sásta Fitness

In Sásta Fitness I am the sole decision maker in a new rapidly expanding business and would not be inclined to share the business issues with others. The Going for Growth programme has introduced me to like minded people who shared and assisted solving business issues in a confidential manner which has been a real benefit to my business. It was a great opportunity to take a day off once a month from the day to day running of the business and ultimately delegate more to my more than competent team allowing me develop the bigger plan for Sásta . Our monthly meetings were well structured and our Lead Entrepreneur Monica Flood was excellent and so generous with her time and provided invaluable advice. Nothing was too much bother for Paula Fitzsimons who was a great support always looking at ways she could assist the participants. Going for Growth is a women’s network with a difference which I would highly recommend.

Fiona Heaney  Fee G

I found the Going For Growth programme really interesting. It made me look at my business and focus on what I really wanted to achieve from it.

Georgina Corscadden  Peak Connexxion Training Ltd

Going for Growth provides a wonderful opportunity to take time to reflect on your business, be supported and challenged by like-minded individuals and ultimately to strategically map out the future and continued growth of the business. Thank you for an excellent programme that was very professional. I will be recommending it to others.

Gillian Moore  Fuschia Make-up

An incredible experience for both me and my business. A great way of meeting like-minded people who are going in the same direction. I am so glad I got the opportunity to be apart of this.

Grace Penney  Diamond Bridal

Going for Growth certainly exceeded my expectations. I found the Round Table sessions very enjoyable and inspirational. The monthly meetings allowed time away from the day to day running of business and gave time to reflect and plan for growth. The National Forum is a must for all members! After 6 months my business has already grown as a direct result of Going for Growth.

Jackie Dolan  Treat Cafe

I would like to recommend this programme as a fantastic professional programme well run , it forced me to re look at my business and make important decisions to grow my business. So I am absolutely thrilled so have been chosen to go on this programme.

Joyce Rigby Jones Voltedge

Going for Growth has allowed us in Voltedge to re-focus on our objectives, how to achieve them, and to put real measurements and goals in place. The networking has been really positive, with the team support and participation really valuable. I look forward to working with my Going for Growth team well into the future, and we hope to continue to act as sounding boards and support for each other. The programme also allowed us all to voice our concerns, doubts, worries and get genuine feedback from both our team contributors and our mentor.

Julie Currid  Induction Manager

Going for Growth provides you with an opportunity to meet and work with inspirational women who are experiencing the same entrepreneurial highs and lows as you are.

Kareena MacLeod  Cloudware Ltd. (Aladdin Schools)

Would you like to fast track your business using a proven structure for growth? Would you like to meet regularly with like-minded high achieving female entrepreneurs? If yes, then Going for Growth is for you!

Leonora O’Brien  Pharmapod

Going for Growth provides a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow female entrepreneurs; to discuss challenges, shareexperiences and discover solutions. The goal-focused support from the Lead Entrepreneur was truly encouraging andenergising. The sessions provided a safe, trusted environment and a sense of shared endeavour.

Liz O’Connor  The Hair Bar

I found the support from the other participants very helpful. The different experience that participants have means a good all rounded support network. A group for life!

Marissa Carter  Cocoa Brown Tan

Going for Growth helped me grow my business by 366% year on year and employ two new full time staff members. I was driven by the competitiveness in our group but also the will of seven other women to see me succeed. I was inspired by how successful the other entrepreneurs were and even though our businesses were in completely different industries, I learned so much from them. I feel very lucky that I had the Lead and group members I did – they were the best!

Marjorie O’Malley  Achill Island Sea Salt

I was delighted to be included in the Going for Growth programme. I was very lucky to be part of a group of very intelligent, interesting woman who were determined to grow their businesses. Every business has its challenges but after each meeting I felt encouraged to meet challenges of my business, equipped with new skills and a raft of ideas discussed at the meetings. I would encourage business woman to join Going for Growth- the mentoring from both the Lead and the participants was invaluable.

Mary B. Walsh  Ire Wel Pallets Limited

Going for Growth re-ignited my energies and ambitions to begin growing again, both personally and professionally. Going for Growth is made up of the most extraordinary group of people who are so positive, encouraging and so hard working with extraordinary achievements to show for their enthusiasm and efforts made. I am very fortunate to have been a part of this it in 2014, to have met the organisers of the programme, the Leads and the participants. The world is a far better place since I met them. Being part of Going for Growth re-enforced my belief in the fact that “There is nothing permanent except change”.

Mary O’Donoghue  Sanctuary Medi Spa & Beauty Academy

I would highly recommend this programme to every woman in business, especially if the intention is to grow your business. The detailed agendas ,business development , advice and support is what is needed to focus your time and energy to achieve your goals. The programme is highly motivating and not only will you further develop your business but make good friends and be part of a network which will be there to support you.

Nuala Greenan  Murphy Playground Services Ltd

I would encourage anyone who wants to grow and develop their business to apply for Going for Growth; it is a unique opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded women and to share ideas and suggestions on how to address the challenges and exploit the opportunities we encounter in everyday business.

Orla Cafferty  Datascan

I was delighted to be chosen as one of the participants in the 6th Cycle of Going for Growth. I knew it would be a great experience but I did not expect it to surpass my expectations to such a degree. Our group was diverse and lively and immediately fell into a great communication rhythm which was both challenging and encouraging at the same time. Seeing the other group members’ passion and ambition for their businesses really made me think about planning for my own business growth. Meeting each month and sharing visions, successes and some setbacks with our group has been vastly enjoyable and I would highly recommend the programme to any ambitious business woman.

Orla Fitzgerald  Revas Spa

I found the programme informative and refreshing. There is a certain comfort in the knowledge that no matter what type of business you have, we all encounter the same struggles and challenges. The programme helped me to determine what growth meant to me, achieve a balance between my work and personal life, a path for development and to identify the indicators that show that I am progressing along that journey. Our Lead’s practical and honest approach was one of the main reasons that this group worked so well..

Patricia Hill  Stateside American Restuarant

Going for Growth brings together a community of women entrepreneurs who might easily feel alone in business. Sharing knowledge and experiences with other like minded women really brings confidence to you and your business, giving ideas and courage to move forward. The network of women will always be there for you even after the 6 meeting programme. A fantastic experience which I will never forget. Friendships made here will last forever. Thanks for the opportunity of being a part of the Going for Growth programme.

Patricia Lyons  Tara Book Company

Being part of the Going for Growth has been of enormous benefit to me personally in moving forward to grow my business, Tara Book Company. Through the guidance and direction of a mentor we were taken through a series of steps that covered all aspects of business. This highlighted areas that I was weak in and also helped me recognise my strengths. I learned about KPI’s, Swot and Value Proposition, wonderful aids to improving business that I was unaware of. As a team we shared information and experiences, in particular the value and use of social media. I am delighted to have participated and happy to be a member of the Going for Growth community.

Rachel McIntyre  Mac's Deli Bakery & Outside Catering

I would highly recommend this programme to any business, regardless of what level, and regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established business. The focus on growth in a business is something which is overlooked by a lot of SMEs who work extremely hard in their business, but fail to put proper strategies in place for growing their business and structures in place which would allow them to stand back from the business. The knowledge, ambition, energy, level of professionalism, advice, ideas and contributions from the leader and from the other participants in the group has been invaluable to me and has motivated and inspired me to take my business to another level.

Rita Langan  Bee.. green

If as a business woman you would like to submerge yourself in like minded people, either starters, mid way or very successful, this is the group to do it in. Totally fabulous experience.

Siobhan Byrne Learat Adams & Butler

Going for Growth is a wonderful springboard opportunity which enables business women to achieve focused growth for their companies. It does this by providing a secure and reflective setting where they can thrash out their business challenges with like-minded people under the leadership of someone who has already been there and come out the other side. If you want to drive your company, this will help you put the foot down on the accelerator and get going speedily in the right direction. It was one of those experiences that you not only enjoy, but can reap the benefits from day one. Unmissable.

Susan Brady  Cloud Assist

Going for Growth is an experience that any company should have. It has allowed me to step back and review my company to help move it forward. Also I have developed a strong bond with others to form a network that I hope too will grow.

Triona Mac Giolla Ri Aro Digital Strategy

Going for Growth is a network of excellent businesswomen in Ireland. It is greatly relevant to the needs of ambitious, motivated and focussed businesswomen who are focused on growing their business. I joined a group of positive, creative and committed women led by Fidelma McGuirk. Trust quickly built up creating a forum where each participant could discuss their particular challenges and developments and gain insight from the others’ experiences.

Yvonne Brady  EVB Sport Shorts

Now having completed my Going for Growth cycle, I understand why so many successful business women before me insisted I apply for the programme. The focus on ‘Thinking Big’ was apparent from day one. I doubled my turnover and created one new full tme job as a result of the sessions. Listening to real life experiences from our leader motivated us and gave us hope that we too could succeed. No matter what type of business was around the table we were all facing similar challenges. To be able to discuss these issues in an open and frank way was extremely helpful. I am very fortunate to have received a place on the programme and I know I have met some amazing women who I will continue to seek guidance and advice from for many years to come. If you wish to grow your business ‘Going for Growth’ is an absolute must.