Ann Dunne White Gables Restaurant

Being involved with Going for Growth has been highly inspirational. It gives you the chance to meet real women who are active in their own businesses and are willing to share their wealth of knowledge. The Going for Growth team should be extremely proud of what they do!

Ann O’Donnell  Denticloud Ltd

I come from a professional background which allowed me a confidence borne from my skills and knowledge, but moving from my comfort zone to a business setting requires a different skillset. Going for Growth helped me hone those skills and gave me the required confidence. I enjoyed the sessions so much and really feel I have grown as well as learning how to grow the business

Bevin Mahon  Dentaltech Ltd

I participated in the 5th Cycle of Going for Growth and had the amazing opportunity to discuss my business in a safe, confidential environment with like-minded business women which has helped my company grow. Our expected growth rate has increased as a direct result from participating in Going for Growth and I have become a better leader for my team. I would highly recommend the GFG sessions to anyone who wants to improve as a business owner or grow their company.

Brenda Crowley  CMD Group

I was delighted to take part in the Going for Growth programme and feel that it benefited me hugely in my thinking and my longterm approach to my business. It kept me focused on what was important and the changes that needed to happen in order to reach my objectives. I was very lucky to have an excellent Lead in Susan and also a very open and honest group of participants. I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme to all female entrepreneurs.

Camelia Austen  Austen Flowers

I would most definitely recommend the Going for Growth programme. Whether you are an established business woman or a budding entrepreneur, the cycle will give you an insight into your own business and help you focus on future growth while connecting you with other like-minded women.

Carol Walsh  The Green Gecko Ltd

After more than 20 years in business my business was making a small profit and I felt I had reached a plateau ,however, I found it difficult to take the next step upwards. Since commencing Going for Growth not only have I met helpful and inspirational women directors, I have also learned new skills and put a business plan in place. I have secured a loan from the bank to grow my business and recently won two prestigious awards. I am now in a position of greater knowledge, have good support and a sounding board to work with. I have a personal and business growth plan. Since participating in Going for Growth we have employed more people, introduced a new product range, won awards and improved our profit margin. We now have a clear vision for the future.

Caroline Geoghegan  CG Business Consulting

Going for Growth has been instrumental in the growth and success of CGBC in 2013. I achieved all my goals, created one new full time & and one part time position. The programme enabled me to become more focused on the business strategically and how to maintain a work life balance. The environment was energising and proactive with genuine support from other like minded professionals. Our Lead, Miriam Byrne was incredibly insightful and shared her wealth of business experience which was invaluable for all members of the group. I would highly recommend this programme.

Caroline McEnery  HR & Business Solutions

I would highly recommend this programme to motivated individuals who are focused on developing their business to the next level – Going for Growth gives you the spring board to make this happen.

Catherine Sherry  Sposami Italian Wedding Planners

Going for Growth is must programme for all women who are serious in bring their businesses to another level. This is the programme if you want to do it for yourself. If you want the support, encouragement and tools to grow your business, then where better to get them but from other successful lead business women? I would highly recommend this programme to any serious business women

Ceara Conway  Ceara Conway

Participating in Going for Growth has really assisted me in becoming aware of how I have been working to date and why some of these ways have not worked! Through the monthly sessions with Nikki Evans and the amazing women who each have brought their own valuable experience to the table, I’ve learnt several valuable lessons that will definitely impact the ways in which I work forever.

Claire McHugh  Axonista Ltd.

Going for Growth was an invaluable programme to me and my company while we carried out aggressive growth plans in the UK. Our team has benefited from the lessons I’ve learned and we all work in a very smart metrics driven way thanks to the advice I received from our mentor Lulu, who was extremely generous with her wisdom, time and lessons learned.

Deirdre Cogan  Ezy Technology innovations Ltd.

Being part of Going for Growth introduces you to a network of excellent business women in Ireland. People with a wealth of knowledge and experience are so willing to share both time and expertise to help out.

Elaine McGarry

Being a participant on the Going for Growth programme has helped me immensely in going forward with our business “” by taking the fear out of making the small steps to get to the next step. The open nature of the discussion, the experience and knowledge of the leads who are so generous with their time and knowledge. It’s great to talk out challenges with other like-minded people that are facing the same issues. Going for Growth helps you realise your ambitions. Go for IT!

Ellie Redmond  Movie Junctions

I could only highly recommend the Going for Growth programme to other female entrepreneurs looking for support as they implement changes in their business in a view to growing their current operations. Positive peer pressure from other successful business women is extremely motivating and made me feel stronger as I realised that success feeds success. The round table discussions gave me the confidence that I needed to explore new avenues for myself and my business. One day, I hope I will be able to take part from the other side and help others like I was.

Fern Ross

My experience of Going for Growth was great, it’s an excellent opportunity to network on a national & international level… with a real focus on growth, strategies and learning from peers. I’d highly recommend it.

Gail McEvoy  McEvoy Accountants

The Going for Growth program was invaluable to my business. It was great to allocate the necessary time to take a helicopter view of the business in a safe environment.

Jacqueline O’Farrell  Grove Health Spa

I found Going for Growth to be a powerful and inspirational experience in helping me focus on where I am in my business and how I can make it grow. It is driven by a powerful team of mentors, directors & lead entrepreneurs, who are committed to help, inspire & support those of us who want to reach the top in our businesses and careers.

Kay Mulcaire  Isobel Boutique

Going for Growth gave me confidence to take my business to another level. I felt at every session I was pushing myself to achieve more for my business. The only way to describe my experience is “success breeds success”

Maeve Kneafsey  Elucidate

The day you walk into your first Going for Growth session, you have already started to grow. You are no longer thinking about growth in an abstract way, but participating in building your own business future in a very practical way. When you are running a business, it can be very tempting to avoid pulling back from the day-to-day. When you are focused as the founder of a business on pleasing your clients and inspiring your team, you sometimes forget what you have achieved and the strength of your own innovation and business acumen. Having your peers who know exactly what’s involved in setting up, running and making a success of a business appreciate what you have done, is a great boost to your confidence. I certainly need that boost to help fuel the future energy needed to deliver the business growth. I enjoyed having a group of people I learnt to trust which allowed me to drop the mantel of “I know everything because I am the leader” persona. Where I could tell it how it is and get constructive advice from a group of people who have my interests at heart. I am happy to do the same for them in the future as we become Ireland’s leading business women. I can also see us helping younger business women, maybe even our own daughters.

Mag Kirwan  Goatsbridge Trout Farm

Women have to lead if we are to make a difference. We have to believe in ourselves and our innate ability to achieve. Going for Growth is the perfect platform to build out confidence in business. Together we are strong.

Margaret Ryan  STORM Web Development Ltd.

Going for Growth is the most worthwhile exercise we have undertaken for our business. The material covered in the sessions and the conference is invaluable and applies to every type of business. It helps you to evaluate and then structure your business which in turn enables you to run and grow you business in a practical and efficient manner. It shows you how to read and measure where your business stands on an on-going basis allowing you to make decisions that not only helps your business grow but helps you avoid falling into pitfalls/setbacks. It is access to an invaluable network were business deals and collaborations can be made, This programme is exceptional and no matter what size or type of business you are, it is certainly worth doing.

Mary Duncan  Brian Duncan Fencing & Plant Hire

For years I have felt very isolated in my own place, Going for Growth was the opening of a new panorama for me. I have stepped into the sunshine and the world is bright. I have met fabulous new people who had the same motives and objectives as me. We speak of business issues and I feel enlightened and alive. The support, help and encouragement from the group has been fantastic. I would recommend Going for Growth to every lady in business.

Sarah O’Connell  O'Connell Cleaning Services Ltd

I have learnt so much from Going for Growth. If I had known about all this support and information for businesses about 5 years ago, I feel that my business could be- employing more staff and turning over higher profits. Paula Fitzsimons and her colleagues run a very efficient and informative course. I would have no problem recommending the course to my business colleagues.

Sharon Tracey  Tracey Legal Management Services

The Going for Growth Sessions gave me the support of other committed women in business. Taking time out was so beneficial and uplifting. Overall I felt my participation inspired me to believe in my ambitions for growth and to trust the process.

Sheila Gallogly  Marla Communications & Shelfspace

Having run my own business for over 6 years, I wasn’t sure if Going for Growth was going to add value to my business. However, after the first session, I knew I had made the right decision in participating in the programme – the insight from our Lead, the practical application, the challenging and refocusing of my thinking were all significant benefits to me as a business woman. I would highly recommend this programme, and commend all those ladies involved who give their precious time selflessly to help those of us who are still on our business journey!

Theresa Keady  EC Charging Ltd

Going for Growth enables like-minded female business women to support, correspond and participate in the wider business network as groups of serious professional women.

Wendy Merrigan  Williams Merrigan Ltd

I found the Going for Growth experience hugely positive. From taking some time out and spending it with the network of women in both my group and the females I met at the conference, I have made decisions on where I want to take my business. The course helped me to find the focus, clarity and had renewed my passion for what I do. I am grateful to the members of my group, our lead, Monica Flood and Paula Fitzsimons for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful community.

Yinka Martin  HairWeavon

Since taking part in Going for Growth my business sales have increased by 63% and I have taken on one new staff member. I have learnt so much.