Anne Cusack  Critical Healthcare

I had a reasonably healthy, life-style business in a difficult market in which I felt we had achieved our potential. We were holding steady at about 10% growth in the Irish market and employed a team of 8-10 people.  Since partaking in Going for Growth, I have not only learned and grown personally, but the business is growing at over 50% annually, we are exporting, are employing 18 people with capacity for more, and are investing significantly in R&D this year.

Anne-Marie Mullins  Mullins, Cuddihy & Associates

Going for Growth is an excellent programme for women who are interested in taking time out of their very busy schedules to take a breather and examine where they are in their business; are they satisfied with where they are; how would they like to see their business develop and what they need to do to get there. Highly enjoyable, it is a great opportunity to network and be inspired by other women with similar mindsets and objectives to be the best that they can be for their business.

Bernadette Rock WeightWise

The Going for Growth Forum was a great opportunity to learn from other people’s business experiences. The Lead entrepreneur had many valuable lessons on which to draw, which I am now putting into practice. It helped me understand my business better and strengthened my enthusiasm in building my business.

Brenda Jordan  Jordan Business

I would highly recommend the programme to business owners seeking to take their business to the next level. I personally found that it challenged my concepts of what I need to do, resulting in a drastic change of business model and service offerings. To date, we have enjoyed a 35% increase in turnover and have increased our team by 2 people. Well worth the time and effort!

Carmel Cregan Q.A Resources

Going for Growth came at the perfect time for QA Resources. The programme gave us the confidence and where with all to implement our ambitious growth strategy, providing invaluable expertise from our mentor and support advice from a great group. Going for Growth was highly recommended to me – now I know why.

Caroline Horgan  Abbeylands Furniture Ltd.

I had a fantastic experience with Going for Growth. Each of the women in my group were focused on growing their business and embraced the round table sessions with enormous enthusiasm. The structure of the sessions is set out to help assess all aspects of running a business and where you are in the current climate. This greatly helped me assess my business as a whole.

Ciara Troy  Oishii Foods Ltd

Going for Growth is a unique programme in that it supports strong driven women to pursue their business opportunities to the fullest. It is a network of entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their business, an opportunity to share experiences – good and bad; and to learn through interaction with like-minded individuals. I found it extremely beneficial and it focused me to get the most out of the weeks in between sessions. I looked forward to the roundtable sessions to listen to how the other members got on and also to share what I could with them. We don’t have to do it all on our own!

Claire Bannon  Indigo Signs Ltd.

This programme has been the best thing that has happened for me and my business. For a long time there was loads I knew I needed to do to make my business grow but Going for Growth got me organised and focused on it! The regular sessions gave me a place where I could stand back and look at my business with wonderful women. It created a unity of women in business, who relate to each other’s issues and genuinely want to assist each other. Since starting the programme I have expanded on a new part of my product range, employed new staff and now see exports as a future for my business. Paula, you are a great inspiration and I thank you for this great opportunity which will help carry my business, not just now, but in the future.

Claire Sweeney Distinct Distribution

I found the Going for Growth programme enabled me to lay down the framework that has enabled my company to grow. The insight into strategy and guidance from my lead Nikki was invaluable. Overall, I would recommend the experience to anyone that is ready to take the next step.

Eithne Brenner  Faceworks

Going for Growth is a fantastic opportunity to meet ambitious like-minded women intent on analysing and growing their businesses. It gives a welcome forum to step outside the day-to-day running of the business and gain insights and support from other business women, but also to challenge work practices and make improvements. It was fun and very beneficial.

Emmeline Hill  Equinome

Going for Growth was the perfect opportunity for me to focus on my company. The support from the other participants has been inspiring. We all face the same hurdles despite running very different businesses. For anyone starting a company, I would say – just go for it. It is tough and challenging but through participation in a programme like Going for Growth, you can find the strength to succeed.

Eunice Power Eunice Power Cooking for you

Going for Growth provided a forum to re-examine my business and have very useful subjective input from others around the table.

Joanna Norton Click4ESOL

Going for Growth is a great sounding board for women aspiring to build successful businesses.

Jola Wojtowicz

I had an excellent experience participating in the Going for Growth programme. With a great Lead and participants from very diverse business backgrounds, all aspects of the programme made my experience the best possible.

Julia McAndrew  Compleat Travel Essentials Ltd.

I have found the overall process of Going for Growth very beneficial. I have found Paula an excellent organiser, coordinator and an inspiration to listen to. The whole group of 70 Ladies was very valuable in sharing each other’s knowledge and business values. There was great positivity and energy surrounding the programme and it makes one think bigger and broader at all times.

Krisha McPhillips  Creative Keyboards

Going for Growth has given me a new lease of life and a boost of confidence to keep going. I was bogged down with challenges and had no one to talk to without the prospect of having to give away a share of my business. Going for Growth was invaluable as I got expert advice on all aspects of running my business from successful entrepreneurs who were so willing to impart with their invaluable knowledge. Thank you Nikki, Paula and all the Leads and Participants at the National Forum.

Linda Ennis  Beauty Academy

Going for Growth is a wonderful opportunity to learn from an experienced mentor who started out like you as a small business owner. They offer their support and advice freely. They help you to tease out your ideas and think deeper into your actions and decisions. The group is filled with like-minded individuals who themselves bring a lot of ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm. It was nice to spend time with individuals who are going through the same experiences and learning curves that you are yourself. I would highly recommend anyone to participate in Going for Growth.

Linda Stewart  Mizu Hair and Beauty Dundalk

My experience of Going for Growth was amazing! It made me take a different perspective to my business and how I was running it. I find that now I constantly challenge myself to grow my business and am increasingly focused on clear goals.

Margaret Ward  Clear Ink

Going for Growth is a hugely helpful way of focusing on your business. Mentors clear way the clouds and provide a laser-focused view of your business – warts and all! Clear thinking makes smart changes possible. The group also provides practical insights and support. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The course was very logical, structured and “right on the money” for busy business owners hoping to expand.

Marie Clifford  Advanced Technical Concepts

I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. It is truly inspirational and I found all participants to be very open about the issues/challenges they are facing. The group dynamic helps greatly in fueling the right way forward. Not only that, one gains many new friends.

Nancy Holland  Hollands Londis

I found the whole experience very good, particularly in meeting others in business. Going for Growth would be a huge arena for gaining knowledge in how to get your product to the marketplace.

Natasha Fennell  Stillwater Communication

Going for Growth is about meeting other women in business and learning from their experiences. Sometimes when running a business we can feel very isolated and out of contact with what other businesses are doing. Essentially, that’s what Going for Growth does. It connects you with other businesses and reminds you that the issues you are facing are not unique to you. In my opinion, this is the most valuable aspect of the Going for Growth network, and for that I recommend it.

Nicola O’Neill  Harvest Resources

I see myself as a committed member to the Going for Growth Community in the future. I feel privileged that I got to spend time with like-minded peers on a regular basis to be challenged, supported and inspired to keep going and continue to strive to be the best that you can be for your clients, your team, your business and yourself. It is an experience that all business people should engage in and make time for.
Continuing the Momentum is a perfect follow on, the support and challenge in equal measure really pushes you to analyse your business and take risks. It helps to know that you have a support mechanism that really gets your business. Deirdre was a fantastic facilitator, really supportive and practical. Also the network that the group had collectively was a great asset and there were lots of connections and introductions made throughout the group meetings. Thank you to Paula and her team for making this happen, for continuing to raise awareness of the importance of the women in business agenda and for allowing us to share in the journey.

Orla Cantwell  Datawise

Going for Growth is a well-structured programme forcing business owners to stand bank and consider various aspects of their business and identify areas and methods for improvement. You engage with creative driven and focussed women and learn lots from their valuable experience and feedback.

Patricia Roberts  No. 1 Pery Square

The Going for Growth programme provided me and my business with the ability to make changes more effectively and tools to achieve better production from our management team. Shared experiences are massive learning tools. Thank you.

Paula McGrath  The Achievers

Going for Growth is an understated valuable forum for those that are willing to put in the time to the programme. I feel that the individual that understands the commercial value of assisting others and themselves and their business will enjoy this programme.

Rosaleen Kelly  Communicare Agency

Going for Growth is a fantastic forum for business women like myself who run a family run business and don’t have the support of sister companies of franchises.

Sarah Doyle  Kinesense

If you are looking for a support network that is honest, open and encouraging, Going for Growth is for you. Meet real business women who help solve real business issues.

Sharon Farrell Fun Galaxy

Being a participant in the 4th Cycle of Going for Growth gave me the courage and strength to rebrand our logo and helped me to see the potential for growth within our business.

Sharon Plunkett  Plunkett PR

Whether you are in an established business or a new business, Going for Growth is an amazing programme which will really help you distill your business goals and how you can get there. I found meeting other female entrepreneurs was really instrumental in learning how to handle issues that arise in the everyday running of a business. I would highly recommend this programme.

Sian Breslin Donegal Manor &

Participating in the Going for Growth programme gave me the belief that with the right strategy and support from others who have succeeded, anything is possible with time. The participants that I met during the programme have now become my friends and advocates. I admire them all for their persistence, determination and for the support they gave me.

Sinead Heffernan  Thunders Bakery Ltd

Continuing the Momentum, for me, has taken the ground work done in Going for Growth to the practical results driven phase. It brings focus to a growth strategy, questions its sustainability and guides in setting targets for achieving long term goals. It has continued to provide a channel to other women in business which I have found to be the most valuable element of being part of this group. It is also a social outlet to the business world that has the potential to introduce new business to a growing company.

Tara Beattie  The Caterers

I have found the whole experience of running a company lonely and slightly ‘grey’ as I never knew what was right or the norm. We never had any dealings or help with agencies. This experience in Going for Growth has enlightened me and shown me that all business have similar issues – just different products and revenues. I am so glad and re-energised because of my participation in this programme.

Veronica Molloy  Crossogue Preserves

Going for Growth is a vibrant and exhilarating experience for an entrepreneur who would like to meet and learn from others of the same mind set. Positivity is the name of the game and this one “inhales” at the Going for Growth National Forum. This and hard work will always grow success.