Alison Ritchie  Polar Ice

Taking part in Going for Growth has really focused our attention on our strategy for growth. Only three months into the programme, we had created one new full time job, expanded our operations into Cork and were actively growing our market share on a weekly basis. Six months on, at the end of the programme, we have created a second new full time position, dedicated to the marketing and growth of our business. I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme, it is an excellent opportunity to work ‘on your business’ in an inspirations, high energy and supportive environment.

Ann McGee  McGee Pharma International

When you are the Managing Director of an SME, you can feel isolated. Going for Growth has been a great opportunity for me to look at where I want my company to be. It allows me to step back from the day-to-day running in order to focus on growing the business. Going for Growth allows you to do some forward thinking, by sharing your experiences and challenges with the other participants in your group.

Anna Costello  Utopia Health & Beauty Clinic

Going for Growth has shaped my future. It has given me the support and the freedom of mind to think beyond my own present limitations, to believe I can achieve so much more. The possibilities are endless. Already it has made such a difference.

Anne Butterly  Easydry

Going for Growth proved to be a valuable support network for me. As participants, we all have similar problems in our businesses. The roundtables provided the foundation to share our issues. Our Lead motivated and guided us as we advised and discussed possible solutions.

Anne Reilly Paycheck Plus

My participation in Going for Growth has resulted in tangible benefits for my business. I have exceeded all the goals that I set for myself at the outset – having won many new clients, implemented a new CRM system, fine-tuned operational policy and procedures and recruited an experienced business development manager. My ambitions for the business are now more focused on growth and driving the business forward at a greater pace than they were previously.
Any entrepreneur, who is lucky enough to get a place on this programme, should definitely jump at the opportunity!

Aoife Porter Bua Marketing

Going for Growth has been of huge measurable benefit to my business. In my six months I have made some big business decisions to realign my clients, recruit an employee and focus on business development. The network the Going for Growth programme provides is of the most dynamic, successful and inspiring Irish business women and this alone can be worth 100% growth to your business, if you approach it the right way. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take your business to the next level!.

Audrey Hughes Principle HR

Going for Growth is a must for any female entrepreneur out there whether they are seeking morale support, business ideas, a new focus or inspiration to improve their business. The sessions not only help you to focus but also encourage brain storming amongst other likeminded people which can generate really excellent ideas for you to implement within your business. The small sessions mean you get to know the participants and their businesses quite well. I have met some really inspiring business owners through the network who have helped me to regain my focus within the business. As for the Leads, some of Ireland’s most successful business women lead the groups, which is a testament to the power of Going for Growth.

Bernie Carroll  Student Programmes Ireland Ltd.

I would recommend Going for Growth for any owner of a business as it gave me great confidence in helping to grow my business, how to go about it and where the help is out there to support me along my journey. A wonderful experience.

Birgitta Hedin-Curtin  Burren Smokehouse

I enjoyed the Going for Growth programme and found it invaluable to me in my daily life working my business. It gave me time out to look at my business from a distance and made me more decisive about directions that I needed to take.

Breda Brown  Unique Media

I found Going for Growth to be an extremely motivating and rewarding experience. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded business people who are experiencing the same issues as you when it comes to growing a business. Anyone running a business is often too close to the business to see the wood for the trees, so to speak, so the diversity of the business interests around the table meant that each member benefited from some great ‘out of the box’ thinking from the other group members.
The motivating atmosphere among the group was particularly invaluable. It really made you want to ‘go do it’ instead of just ‘thinking about doing it!’

Brona Tennyson  OES Consulting

I would recommend Going for Growth to any entrepreneur no matter what size your company is or what stage of development you are at. The ability to get such constructive input and advice from the Lead Entrepreneur as well as your peers is invaluable in growing your business and also very refreshing!

Carmel Burke  Laztech IT

For open and honest collaboration, this is the most effective forum I have ever come across.

Catherine Ansbro  RealView Manufacturing Ltd

I can’t say enough good things about the Going for Growth programme. Discovering how others responded to various possibilities and problems made a broader range of experiences and options available to me and to our company.
Going for Growth gave me more confidence to implement certain staff changes, gave me a stronger foundation for evaluating and choosing among various strategies and helped me identify where and how to focus. It is a great programme and I would highly recommend it to any women entrepreneur focused on growth.

Cathy Giles  The Crafty Alley Shop

Going for Growth presents the perfect opportunity to meet fellow business women you would not normally have the chance to meet or work with. Going for Growth gives you the opportunity to discuss your business growth plans and issues in a qualified and confidential setting. I believe every business woman who wishes to grow her company would benefit from the programme.

Cathy McGovern Inspiration Marketing

This programme helps you to think outside the box, exit the whirlwind briefly and get a clear external perspective on your business and challenges. The guidance of an experienced Leader and the support of like-minded women creates an extremely useful forum to take stock of your business and consider the future more strategically. I would strongly recommend it to any women trying to grow a business. Like all mentoring programmes, you get out what you put in, so you need to be prepared to fully commit and to make the most of it yourself too. Overall though – it’s a great, practical programme.

Cathy Soraghan  Women on the Run

I would recommend anyone who is a sole trader or is in any business partnership to take advantage of these programmes that are funded by the EU and the Government. It is inspiring to listen to other entrepreneurs. It gives you energy.

Cathy Whitty  Cathy’s Spelt for Health

I cannot think of any other way that a group of women could come together with an experienced Lead to advise and support their efforts in business, while all being confidential and good fun as well.

Celestine Rowland  Galway Business School

Participation in the Going for Growth programme came at a critical time when our business and all businesses are under huge pressure and there are challenges on all sides. It is one of the most valuable professional experiences of my career. It afforded me the opportunity to look again and for the first time at some of the fundamentals for growing Galway Business School and Galway Cultural Institute. It helped develop our strategy in a number of areas which have reaped benefits – meeting with the team and giving greater responsibilities for success – and rewarding responsibility. It inspired confidence to analyse performance and be able to correct deviations without alienating personnel. There is much to do in many areas still, but I now have new ideas and skills on how to develop our vision, and where we want the business to be in five years time. It has introduced me to the most valuable resource – a network of experts in all areas of business who are only too willing to share. Thank you Paula and to all the Going for Growth team.

Ciara Brandon  Ciara Brandon Design

Going for Growth is a fantastic initiative for developing businesses. It lends support in clarifying the strategic vision required for success, and provides the infrastructure for networking with like-minded women, who at the end of the day are all climbing the same hill. I loved being part of the programme and would be thrilled to be considered should a follow-on phase of Going for Growth commence. Thank you so much again Paula for your passion, determination and very hard work!

Claire Cunningham  Aura Internet Services Ltd.

I thought the programme was excellent. It was a great way to learn and understand from other businesses. It gave me a chance to review my own business critically and come up with strategies in relation to it.

Eileen O’Connell  Interactions Ltd.

I would recommend the programme to anyone in business as it is challenging and kept me focused on the bottom line. It helped me to clarify my business direction and focus on good business practice. It provided me with invaluable learning from the experiences and path to success of the Lead Entrepreneur. There was also a lot of good advice from the expert speakers at the Forum. Finally, the support of the other participants was great and we will continue to meet and support each other as our businesses grow.

Frances Keane  Personally Speaking Ltd.

Having completed the Going for Growth Programme and attended the Forum, I am now a lot clearer on my business goals and how I can successfully achieve them. The programme gave me some practical advice that I was able to implement immediately. It was a great opportunity to be able to share my experiences and concerns with a mentor and other people at a similar stage. I recommend that anyone interested in growing their business should take the opportunity to be part of this programme.

Jenny Maybury  Category Solutions

I feel as a small growing company Going for Growth gave me the insight, confidence and ways to focus and grow the business more profitably and efficiently.

Jill Holtz  Mykidstime Ltd.

I would recommend Going for Growth for any business owner who wants to grow their business, no matter what size or sector. The practical, goal-led approach over a period of time, coupled with the Lead Entrepreneur’s expertise and the input from the rest of the group really does work. We have seen the evidence in our own company from participating in the programme. It also opened our eyes to other potential that we had never considered before.

Julie Cobbe

As a small business my Going for Growth experience was invaluable not only to give new ideas, advice and support but to really motivate, share and realise that it is the people you surround yourself with that helps you grow your business. You can never do it all on your own. Going for Growth really proves that.

Kathryn Fanning  Dun Riabach Teo t/a Eason

Being part of the Going for Growth programme was invigorating and I looked forward to each session, meeting up with other interesting business women, learning from their experience and taking advice when given. The support, encouragement and learning opportunity both from our Lead Entrepreneur and the fellow participants gives you the impetus to keep working hard! The National Forum in particular was so worthwhile. The speakers were all of the highest calibre, the content was strong and the whole event and venue was so enjoyable and uplifting. I really would recommend to the programme to any woman in business and am so pleased to have had the opportunity to be part of Going for Growth.

Kathy Gleeson  The Vintage Inn

The sense of independence Going for Growth gave me is invaluable as was meeting other likeminded people who were trying to do the same. Most of the people in my group are in a sector where we mostly fell into the jobs we were doing and are so passionate about going for growth in our own individual ways but I think the Going for Growth programme gave us a sort of ‘road map’ going forward to achieve this.

Leonora Ryan theTRAINengine

I highly recommend the Going for Growth programme. Discussing the practical business challenges with inspirational and candid women is refreshing and immensely constructive.

Louise Clarke  Nude Food

The networking provided by Going for Growth gave me insights to ways of business that I would have had to search long and hard to be involved with, the openness of the women and the brainstorming, every question received nine opinions, nine warnings and nine voices of positivity. Going for Growth is a unique opportunity, I would urge all to try. Providing you are prepared to commit and work, otherwise you will be wasting not only your own time but the time of your fellow members and denying someone else the possible chance of a lifetime.

Maureen Grealish  LEAP

The programme is a great way to get constructive opinion on your plans and ideas and allows the participant to tease out their growth plans in a structured way.

Monica Duggan  Willie Duggan Lighting

Going for Growth has been a brilliant experience for me. I have learnt so much from our Lead, Julie, and also from the rest of the participants. It has been invaluable and has had a positive impact on our business and on myself. It has been a tough two years but I found Going for Growth such a positive influence. We are now pushing harder than ever before and seeing the results. Thank you Paula, Julie and the girls. 

Naomi Moore  Pulse College / Windmill Lane Studios

I cannot recommend participation in Going for Growth highly enough. I joined the group with, I have to admit, some trepidation, but within an hour realised the value. My Lead, Fiona O’Carroll, was inspirational, gifted and sharp and my fellow entrepreneurs bright and motivated. I learned valuable business lessons that no degree course could inform me on or prepare me for. Our sessions were honest and open and everyone was generous with their wisdom and experience.
I have left with not just a greater understanding of my business and aspirations, but with a network of colleagues who are readily available, knowledgeable and invaluable to my business and its growth. I wish Paula and the team continued success and encourage anyone who is lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join the programme.

Norma Judge  Spectacle Parade Opticians

It was extremely useful to develop my business from the objective outlook of Going for Growth meetings and I found the input from other session members invaluable. I badly needed to be “dragged” out of my business because I was caught in a workaholic cycle that would not have contributed to as much growth.

Siobhan Lawless  The foods of Athenry

I took part in the 2nd cycle of Going for Growth and I found the support from the Lead Entrepreneurs and the other participants was invaluable. Everyone was so encouraging. I find it humbling that the Leads, who are successful business women, give up time and volunteer to share their wealth of business knowledge with us.

Tracy O’Connor  SOUL Motivational Training

Going for Growth is a strategic yet extremely practical programme. The programme really gets you thinking in terms of a helicopter view of your business. For me, I was stuck working in not on my business. Following Going for Growth, I have changed this mindset. My business is now ready to move to the next level.