Alexandra Nicole Server-Pawlukojc Arán Artisan Bakery & Bistro

Going for Growth helped me find my tribe. It was such an amazing experience because it gave me the support system I needed in bringing my business to the next level and it helped open my eyes to so many opportunities that I never knew were there before. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Cathy Coghlan Celtic Tweed

I have loved every second of my time in Going for Growth. It’s a celebration of women in business and brings you into a community of mutual respect, creativity and positivity. The expertise provided by KPMG is hugely helpful.  The support, encouragement, and desire to assist you in any and every way is evident from day one from Paula and her team. I feel enormously grateful to have been a part of it and would urge anyone to join this amazingly generous tribe of inspiring women entrepreneurs.

Edel Woods ORA

Going for Growth has given me clarity in my vision, belief in myself and a network of like-minded friends that will help me to continue to realise my business goals. Going for Growth has helped me to grow as an entrepreneur in ways that I could not have grown without it. In a short 6 month period, I have implemented growth strategies, narrowed my focus and expanded my team allowing me more time to focus on my business rather than continuing to take on addition roles myself within my business.

Emma Kennedy The Echo Newspaper

I started in January a bit like a rabbit in the headlights, not sure where my business was going or where I was going within it! Going for Growth and the group of women I worked with helped me to clear my head and have clarity on the future of our business and my own future too. It helped me to make practical money saving changes and to understand that sometimes hard decisions need to be made in order to scale up. It was a wonderful 6 months of business and personal growth and development. Thank you to Paula Fitzsimons for acknowledging the vision of Going for Growth all those years ago and continuing its momentum to support leading female entrepreneurs and to the Lead Entrepreneurs who give their time to support us individually, especially my group mentor.  

Georgie Crawford The Good Glow

I applied for Going for Growth to open my mind to a new way of working. What I got was so much more. I not only learned so much but I was supported and loved by my group. We cried, laughed and went on a journey of growth together. I will never forget this incredible experience. Life changing.

Geri O’Toole Geri Designs

Going for Growth was a fantastic opportunity to work on my business rather than in my business. It was such a positive supportive environment. A great way to focus on your business and make progress with some like-minded people.

Gráinne Mullins Grá Chocolates

Going for Growth was such an incredible experience for me. I connected with women in a similar position to me and we could be open and vulnerable to each other about the struggles of having our own businesses. I learned so much over the few months and having peers that understood and could advise you really helped to keep me on track. I am so thankful for being chosen for the Going for Growth Programme.


I heard about Going for Growth from a number of people. I was so delighted to be accepted in the 2023 cycle. I was in a team led by a wonderful entrepreneur. We had a group of women who all worked in different businesses which was really helpful. I learned so much during the six months and looked forward to each of our meetings. Listening to how other businesses work and learning how each woman dealt with different challenges was so helpful. Going for Growth has given me huge confidence in myself and I would highly recommend it to any female entrepreneur.

Kate Colleary Pembroke Privacy

Going for Growth is a gamechanger for a growing business. Through a mix of peer round tables, facilitated by an experienced entrepreneur, and topic-based workshops led by fantastic female leaders from KPMG, participants essentially go through a highly practical MBA that is focused on their business. I would advise anyone to grab at the chance to partake in this excellent programme. Not only have we learned business skills to help us in achieving our growth targets, we have also been warmly welcomed into an inspiring community of women entrepreneurs who are focused and ambitious. I feel very privileged to be part of this community.

Kate Scott HoloToyz

The Going for Growth programme stands up to its exceptional reputation for fostering and encouraging the success of women in business in Ireland. One of the greatest strengths of the programme is its unwavering support system. The mentors and advisors, who are accomplished women in their respective fields, provide invaluable guidance, wisdom, and encouragement throughout the journey. Their insights and expertise have helped me overcome challenges, refine my business strategies, and unlock new opportunities. Furthermore, the programme fosters a vibrant community of like-minded women, creating a network of support, collaboration, and inspiration. The connections I have made with fellow participants have been instrumental in expanding my professional network and gaining valuable insights. I am incredibly grateful for the hugely positive experience I have had with Going for Growth and the impact it has had on my entrepreneurial journey and I look forward to staying connected with the programme and its inspiring network of women.         

Klaudia Byrne Custom Wood Designs

Participating in the Going for Growth programme was a game-changer for my business. The programme’s emphasis on practicality, expert guidance, and supportive network transformed the way I approach entrepreneurship. The sessions were filled with invaluable insights and strategies that directly translated into tangible changes in my business. From financial management to marketing and beyond, the programme provided me with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions and drive growth. The connections I formed with fellow participants and the guidance of the Lead Entrepreneur were invaluable assets on my entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend Going for Growth to ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. It’s an experience that truly empowers and inspires.

Kylie O’Donoghue FemFuelz

Going for Growth was an amazing programme which I was lucky to experience on its 15th Cycle. group We had 6 months to deep dive into everything from customers to employees and finance to strategy. All of the necessary topics to help a business expand and grow. This truly was a turning point for us in business and will undoubtedly stand to FemFuelz for many years to come.

Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty Fitzsimons Redmond LLP

Going for Growth has been a truly transformational experience. I am really surprised by how much my confidence has grown in such a short space of time. I feel so much more in control of my business, especially the financials and the strategy. I have become far more direct in how I use my influence. I feel I have grown into my role as a businessperson. Before the programme, I had never imagined how very empowering it is to have a network of like-minded businesswomen with whom I can bounce ideas, take advice on problems, and be held accountable. The workshops were vital in honing practical skills which can be overlooked in the day to day of working in the business.

Lorraine Carlisle GC Fitout

Going for Growth has been a truly amazing journey for me both personally and professionally. The learning and development support from my group, Lead Entrepreneur and the Going for Growth community is invaluable with so many helpful takeaways that I will bring with me. The ethos is so true to its word creating a safe space for like-minded people to share their ambitions and also challenges with answers and advice always on hand. The programme is full of positivity and motivation and lets you know you are not alone and do not let anyone tell you “you can’t”! I would not hesitate to recommend Going for Growth and this is just the beginning.

Madeleine Blaine Silver Works

I found doing the Going for Growth programme not only inspired and informed me on everything to do with the business world but through its Lead Entrepreneurs and fellow participants, it also really encouraged me to think big, go for my dreams and gave me useful steps on how to reach them.

Margaret Kennedy Kennedy Insights

I wholeheartedly endorse Going for Growth, the programme specifically designed to support women in scaling their businesses. During the six-month journey, I had the pleasure of connecting with extraordinary individuals on my roundtable, all facilitated by the exceptional leadership of our Lead Entrepreneur. If you’re a woman aspiring to expand your business, I strongly encourage you to seize this invaluable opportunity. Year after year, Paula Fitzsimons and her remarkable team consistently surpass expectations, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Martina O’Donovan Harper

Taking part in Going for Growth has been the best thing I have done for myself and the growth of the business since 2007!  It has given me the opportunity to view my business from a different perspective and focused my mind to create a vision on where I am going. The support and friendship from our group and the wider Going for Growth community is truly special. I would highly recommend Going for Growth.

Mary Quinlan Mary Quinlan Hair

Going for growth has been extremely beneficial to me and my business. From getting to discuss your business openly with other business owners to having a Lead Entrepreneur delve into your business, it gives you a chance to hear more opinions. Thank you to Paula and her team for an incredible programme.

Michelle Wallace A Better Work

Going for Growth has been a powerful experience for my business. It’s given me the ability to step out of my business every month, no excuses and ensure I’m focused, on track and accountable. Time and effort so well spent. Thanks to Paula, Orla and Clodagh who make all the magic happen.

Niamh Hogan Holos Skincare

Going for Growth is a must for any ambitious Irish businesswoman. Not alone will you learn things that will inform positive change in your business, you will also experience changes that will grow your confidence in yourself. The wealth of knowledge shared by the Lead Entrepreneurs and the experiences of the other participants will inspire you. The support given by the strong female group will celebrate you when you are up and give you a hug when you are down. Get Going for Growth on you vision board NOW.

Orla Kelly Ireland Chauffeur Travel

I am proud and honoured to have completed the Going for Growth programme. Graduation was not the end but the start to a wonderful new chapter in my career. I met wonderful and inspiring women who shared their journeys, visions, pitfalls and gains. These will become invaluable connections for life. I implore anyone interested in growing their business to apply. An amazing platform for entrepreneurial growth and development.

Rachel Hanna Bell Media Ltd.

Going for Growth is an absolute game changer for women in business. From the get-go you are surrounded by like-minded women and an experienced entrepreneur, all of whom, force you into taking immediate action on your goals.  Thinking of the bigger picture and why you are doing what you are doing becomes clearer as the sessions evolve. Deep Dives, learning curves, new friendships and great insight come as a result. You will have immediate access to a network of high calibre ladies who will help you focus and take accountability for your actions, or lack thereof. This is a very clever programme, engaging, challenging, welcoming and life changing.  If you are ready to move to the next level – Don’t miss the opportunities that Going for Growth will afford you.

Rebecca Good Education Elephant

Highly recommend Going for Growth programme. It provides you with the space and forum to focus ON your business enabling you to make those important decisions needed for growth. Not only did I leave with a clearer picture of what needed to be done within the business, but I have come away with a fantastic network of like-minded women that will always be there for advice, support, motivation and friendship.

Roisin Keown The Brill Building

Going for Growth is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn, develop and share their skills. It is a very approachable community of brilliant ladies!

Samantha Burrows Temenos Medical Centre

Going for Growth has been an invaluable experience for me. As a GP and practice owner, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be the right candidate for Going for Growth but thankfully I was chosen and it has transformed my business knowledge from very little, to being able to implement growth targets, profit and loss sheets, streamlining various aspects of the business to ensure we maximise our intake from this, whilst also realising aspects of the business that are important but not necessarily revenue driven. It has given me the confidence to implement my ideas and continue to push the boundaries of what a ‘GP’ can offer. I am so grateful to my Lead Entrepreneur and my fellow participants for the support and advice, and I look forward to being a part of the wider Going for Growth community.

Sharon Keegan Peachylean

Going for Growth is the most powerful programme I have taken part in. The growth from day one to month 6 was phenomenal. I grew personally and professionally with a gorgeous community of like-minded superstars. This programme gets a 10/10 from me!

Sinead Keary Sinead Keary The Label

Going for Growth brought so much to my business Sinead Keary The Label. It was an incredible experience and opportunity that I am so grateful for. I will never forget the support, guidance and invaluable knowledge my Lead Entrepreneur brought and shared with us each month at our round table. It also gave me the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs who faced similar highs and lows in their business as I do (wonderfully inspiring women I am so grateful to support and have the support of in the future). Many thanks to all involved in this very special community.

Sonia Neary Wellola

Going for Growth is one of the most formative opportunities you have in your development as an entrepreneur. As a space to think, plan and learn strategically about your business, ambition and organisation it has a value in itself. That this space is facilitated by a supportive Lead Entrepreneur and the learning is led by what you see, hear and solicit from your fellow entrepreneurs makes it a fast-track to guide and challenge your own decision-making. I’m so grateful to my amazing Lead and a great group of smart women in my group for an incredible six months.