Caroline Burke ASA Brands

Going for Growth has been a great experience. I got to meet a wonderful new network of like-minded women, all happy and open to share their wisdom with me.  It has given me the confidence to know that we are taking ASA Brands in the right direction and given me time to work on the business instead of in it (which is hard when you are running the day to day!).  I have learnt that everyone is experiencing the same issues/challenges, no matter what business you are in, which was very comforting!  I am so looking forward to building my network within this fabulous bunch of female entrepreneurs and helping them where I can. I would thoroughly recommend the programme.

Cera Slevin Climate Matters

Going for Growth gave Climate Matters the opportunity to really focus on market segmentation and productising our offering through digital enablement. The support and experience from the Lead Entrepreneur and all participants allowed this to happen over a relatively short space of time. Within 6 months we now have clients beyond Ireland, in the UK and US, focusing on climate risk assessments and solutions to the energy, real estate and transport sectors for corporates and investors.

Claire Ryan The Crate

The Going for Growth programme gave so much to our business. It focused our growth goals through the support of our Lead Entrepreneur and the other amazing female-led businesses within the group – offering inspiration, support, insight and knowledge. It’s a great place for the business to now be in – strategically looking forward and achieving our goals with a very clear vision for The Crate. Thank you to all involved!


Being chosen to join Going for Growth for this cycle was genuinely the best thing to happen for my business. Having access to some of the best female minds in business has been so beneficial. But best of all – I’ve found my tribe whom I know will be there for me when I need them. I feel so lucky to have been given such an opportunity.

Diane Wisdom Heirloom Seals

Going for Growth has been a wonderful experience. Sharing a round table with a group of such inspirational women was an absolute privilege. The openness, honesty and kindness that everyone had for each other was the magic of this programme. We were all so genuinely thrilled to hear of each other’s achievements and successes and there was so much support for each other along the way. It’s a one-of-a-kind programme that I just feel so thrilled to have been a part of.

Grainne Cassidy

The Going for Growth programme has allowed me to take a moment to assess the flow and running of my business. Now, as Oonagh puts it, I’ve come off the dance floor and I’m up on the balcony looking at everyone on the dance floor. Going for Growth has connected me with a network of amazing women, who, in so many ways, have the same daily issues my business has and sharing a problem together as a group we can all work together to help solve it.  It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve met people who I know I will continue to be in contact with for years to come.

Joanna Ciezka Irish Socksciety

Going for Growth has given me what I was looking for in a long time, as an entrepreneur.  I got to spend valuable time with fellow female business owners, who despite being in various sectors often experience the same challenges. Going for Growth has given me a sense of structure, support, growth and inspiration. The programme is smart, really thought through and extremely professional on every single level. It gives its participants a safe space for exploring all aspects of their business; it puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of growth and scaling, and it genuinely celebrates each participant and their story. Tools are given, advice and wisdom shared, and important connections are made. Going for Growth guarantees a wealth of information and is a source of friendships.  It’s a perfectly run programme, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Josephine O’Hagan Jomiluti

The Going for Growth programme is invaluable and if you have the opportunity to do it take it without hesitation.

Juliet O Connell The Zip Yard Dun Laoghaire

I was honoured to be selected and to participate in the 14th cycle of Going for Growth. It was an exceptional experience and opportunity. Sharing the issues/challenges and limitations of business allowed us to appreciate all business owners need to overcome similar obstacles to succeed and striving is constant regardless of the size of the business.

Katie Rogers Blackbird Jewellery

Going for Growth was an amazing experience for me and my business. It provided a safe space to listen, learn and grow. Going for Growth provided me with a supportive network of incredible entrepreneurs and a wonderful mentor Oonagh O’Hagan. Together we shared our ambitions and struggles in business and provided each other with honest feedback and advice.  I have learned lessons in innovation, resilience and so much more. The future is bright!

Laura McCarthy Drinks Botanicals Ireland

The Going for Growth programme was a fantastic experience. I learned invaluable insights and knowledge from both my Lead Entrepreneur and group members. The Going for Growth programme enabled me to step back and get an overview of my business, analyse it, and discuss current issues with my Lead Entrepreneur and team members. Participating in the monthly round table discussions taught me an incredible amount of knowledge by listening and learning from other group members. It enabled me to implement systems which now help the business run more efficiently and effectively.     I would encourage all female entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business to apply for Going for Growth – you will not regret it!

Mairead Ronan Faro Beauty

Going for Growth has given my business real structure. Before the programme we were never planning, just always reacting and that has changed. Now we have a clear vision of where we are going and what our individual roles are. I loved every session and the women I met have been and will continue to be that support network that I so desperately needed.

Michelle O’Sullivan Darcy O'Sullivan Darcy Engineering

Going for Growth was a remarkable programme to be a part of. It provided excellent opportunities for learning and business development that can be applied to my business. The real strength of the programme is in the support and networking spirit built up throughout the 6 months.  Following on from Covid, it was so refreshing to be able to meet, network and develop business relationships with so many other female entrepreneurs in an encouraging and supportive environment.  Whilst the range of businesses differed vastly, the issues facing businesses today are very similar and the sharing of ideas was invaluable and of benefit to all. 

Nicola Connolly Nunaia

This programme is a must for any female entrepreneurs serious about growing their business. The programme goes much further than just the round table sessions and the extended community support network is invaluable for any business. One of the main benefits is finding other female entrepreneurs who can understand and support you in your challenges and successes and who just gets what it’s like to run a business. Well worth participating in! 

Rachael Gray Call Pal

Going for Growth gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people, explore my business and plan for the future. Taking time to focus on the business has given me ideas and plans to move forward. I feel very lucky to have been accepted and now part of this great community.

Sharon Keilthy Jiminy Eco Toys

Going for Growth was just what I needed – a focused programme to help (and force) me to work on my business, and on myself as its leader. The format of having a Lead Entrepreneur, and a group of peer entrepreneurs, was very effective, enjoyable, and inspiring. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Sheelin Conlon The Kind

Hands down the most invaluable programme for female entrepreneurs. Connecting to a network of like-minded women and supporting each other through shared challenges has helped me face and overcome any issues I was facing in my business. I’m clearer on my business goals and objectives and have a more realistic action plan for growth. Highly recommend for any female business owners!

Sinead Dalton Mashup Media

I chose the Going for Growth programme to take the next step for my business. I was hoping to learn more about entrepreneurship, to build a network in the Going for Growth community and learn new ways of growing my business. All of my expectations were exceeded. During the programme, we were led through a series of directions which put entrepreneurship and our business as a central focus point and examined topics from practical and personal perspectives. The programme also helped me set new goals and KPIs for my business and assess them critically at the end of the programme.   If you are looking for a supportive entrepreneurial business community, while also looking to learn more about business, entrepreneurship and to take the next step in your career, I would highly recommend the Going for Growth programme. I have learned more than I could have hoped for. Countless new doors have opened up and I can attribute it to the guidance received from my Lead Entrepreneur and the other ladies in my group!

Sinead Glennon

I would highly recommended Going for Growth to females on the growth journey.   It takes you out of your business and forces you to take a helicopter view.  You learn from others in a similar position and these insights are invaluable.  It’s a safe and confidential zone and one where everyone is encouraging and non-judgmental.  I think it’s integral part of your growth journey.  You come away with friendships and a clear vision of what the future will be.

Siobhán Hackett Hackett Homecare

Going for Growth is an incredibly supportive programme that I would recommend to any woman in business who is trying their best to grow their business but unsure of how to it. Not only was it one of the most inspiring programmes that I have ever been a part of, but it gave me time to focus ON my business as well as soak up all of the tips and suggestions given by the other fantastic businesswomen around the table each month.  I have finished the programme feeling energised and excited about the year ahead, while also feeling devastated that it’s over already!

Tracy Dodd The Printed Image

Being involved with Going for Growth was such a great experience for me. I got to meet real women working in their own businesses and learn about their challenges and their ideas which they were willing to share in this safe and confidential environment. I would highly recommend this programme and encourage others to go for it! it will help them believe in themselves and everything they work for. I would like to thank Monica Flood for choosing me to be part of such a wonderful community.