Aebhin Cawley Scott Cawley

Going for Growth has been a fantastic experience.  The learning and encouragement from other female business owners was invaluable. And the great thing is that that will continue beyond the programme as our group will stay in touch and support each other.

Aisling Joyce Joyce’s Supermarket

Participating in Going for Growth has been invaluable to me both on a personal and business level. I have gained huge clarity and confidence over the six months through building and having a safe network of peers and spending time working on my business and not just in my business. I would recommend any female entrepreneurs out there to participate.

Edel Flynn Element78

Going for Growth connected me to a network of likeminded CEO’s that supported one another during one of the hardest economic times of our generation.  The pandemic impacted our lives and business’ in so many ways but it also brought people together.  I have a virtual board of inspiring female leads that understand what it takes to build an Irish business, retain valuable staff and survive the daily strain.  We are all innovators, leaders and a little bit crazy to do what we do.  I am so delighted to be in good company.

Elise Missall Motion Impulse

The Going for Growth cycle came at the exact right time for my business. I was in the middle of making large decisions about the trajectory of Motion Impulse, and the round table sessions were an incredible support in making the right choices and gaining clarity of where I wanted my business to go. The insight and inspiration by both the Lead Entrepreneur and the other women in my group have led me to leave every session buzzing with new ideas, added motivation and, together with the additional workshops offered, gave me the tools to affect change and innovation throughout these trying times. Most important of all, it’s given me new confidence in thinking big, and pushing the vision for my company just that little bit further.

Jill Keogh Avail Hair and Beauty

Going for Growth has helped me to grow as an entrepreneur. The advice has given me the confidence I needed to put action in place so I can scale to the next level.  I’m so grateful to be part of this group and the people I’ve met are crucial to my journey and success. Women helping other women is so inspiring as the journey can be lonely at times.

Liz Dolan Mortar & More

Going for Growth has been such an amazing experience. While we were remote for the duration, the relationships and ties developed within all of our group will last into the future. Having the opportunity to share woes, bounce  ideas around and get feedback from different perspectives has been invaluable. So delighted to have been part of this programme.

Maeve O’Malley Meltdown

Going for Growth has been great for making me take a step back from the day to day running of my business and look towards the future and what things I need to put in place to be able to achieve my growth plans.

Mairead Mackle Tarasis Enterprises

Amazing programme where you can openly discuss all your business challenges with fellow entrepreneurs and experienced mentors, I found the programme very useful as part of my business journey. A safe and confidential space for entrepreneurs.

Mary Kehoe The Casual Company

I’m really grateful for everyone being so open and honest about their challenges. I got so much from these sessions, but the biggest thing I will take away from this can be summed up in the word, perspective.   Our Lead Entrepreneur has a very kind but fierce approach to teasing out information from everyone on points you could find difficult to approach and this is where I found the most value. She’s very skilled at reframing a problem. Seeing this process being repeated in every session taught me that there is more than one solution to any problem. Sometimes it’s hard to see the woods from the trees when you’re making decisions continuously as a business owner, but this group has forced me to take a step back, reframe the problem, understand that there is more than one solution, and begin exploring the options. This courageous thinking and growth mindset I feel is the true value you get from this group. Watching and learning from other members, from their stories and their learnings, is what helps me grow as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Michelle Grimes Maven Studio

Going for Growth has been a very positive event for me and my business in what has been a dark time for both. It has given me confidence to make moves that I’ve been afraid to make, understand my business better and connect me with an incredible bunch of business women.  It has gotten rid of my imposter syndrome, showing me that no matter what type of business someone is running that we are all dealing with similar issues and worries.

Michelle O’Connor J.F. Flynn Construction

Doing the Going for Growth programme has been an amazing experience.  I got a hand-picked group of women with whom I could talk through my business ups and downs each month and possibly even more valuable was the opportunity to listen to others talk about their challenges and wins. Fascinating.  I couldn’t recommend the programme more highly.

Olivia O’Regan Foodys Pharmacy

Taking part in Going for Growth was the best decision I made in 2020. After a turbulent year due to Covid, Going for Growth was a wonderful start to 2021. It gave me a network I never had before, it gave me focus, clarity and renewed enthusiasm for my business. I now have a plan, more focus and a vision for the future. I already see the results. Best of all have a network that I hope we will continue to participate in long after the programme is complete. I would highly recommend this programme.

Patricia Kane reuzi

On January 19th I received the best news – I had been selected to take part on this fantastic initiative called Going for Growth.    Going for Growth had been on my radar for a while and I was determined to join it.    I tried it once, it didn’t happen… I tried again and BOOM!    As they say, everything happens when it needs to happen and this year I got to join the most incredible group of women on a journey of (re)discovery, resilience and deep focus. My roundtable colleagues are incredible female entrepreneurs. I have learned lessons in tenacity, innovation, resilience, grit and so much more!    With 2020 being a true hamster wheel (road bumps and all included!), it was really important for me to take some time to rethink reuzi and to prepare for the future. To take time to work ON the business instead of IN the business. Here’s to an even brighter future ahead… now with one more group of powerful women by my side!

Rosie Gogan-Keogh Hen’s Teeth

Going for Growth is an incredible programme. It is so well run and the Lead Entrepreneurs are beyond generous with their time and wisdom. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me on my own business journey – we were three years in and had rapidly expanded just before Covid. While it was a scary time for a while, it allowed me to really focus on the business and where we were going – having the framework, support and encouragement of the Going for Growth programme, our Lead Entrepreneur and the amazing entrepreneurial women in my group with was invaluable to that.

Ruth Lyndon Phoenix

I cannot recommend Going for Growth enough. It provides access to a unique network of talented, female entrepreneurs and a monthly forum in which to share (the good and the bad!), learn, develop, and be inspired- all in a confidential, encouraging environment.   Experienced Lead Entrepreneurs give up their valuable time to share their own personal business experiences in order to educate and empower. Without Going for Growth, I struggle to see how this would happen.    Going for Growth also creates the potential for a long-term support network that can be relied upon long after the monthly sessions are over.    There is no reason not to complete the Going for Growth Programme – if lucky enough to secure a place.

Sara Banks SteamLine Luggage

Having the space and time to work “on” the business is a precious commodity. And Going for Growth allowed just this. It also gave us entrepreneurs a space to be vulnerable in tackling hard issues with like-minded businesswomen. These are wonderful and rare opportunities that I couldn’t recommend more!

Sarah Cosgrove Lismore Grove Design

I am so lucky that a friend of mine recommended I submit an application to the Going for Growth programme. I had not heard of the programme previously and I feel I have been let into the best run female entrepreneurship programme around. If someone was looking to get more insight into their own business, build a wonderful network of peers or wanted to kick start a new vision for their business I could not recommend this programme more.

Sarah Murphy Jack Murphy Clothing

From the very first introductory session with Going for Growth I felt like I was a part of something. I quickly learned that this was so much more than a network of contacts, this was a community, a space for growth both professional and personal. I felt understood, seen, heard – my Lead Entrepreneur and my group encouraged and supported me through every challenge and also success.  I have gained so much from this programme; confidence in my ability and in my business, insight into the steps to take in order to achieve growth, and a pathway with supporters along the way! I have gained new friends and confidants that have taught me so much, and I hope will continue to do so.