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A Going for Growth National Forum is held annually at which all cycle participants are expected to attend.

The National Forum is designed to allow participants and Lead Entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore a number of topics that all the round table groups consider important to their current situation and want to explore further.

As well as providing more in-depth coverage of key topics, the National Forum provides an opportunity for attendees to network with participants and Lead Entrepreneurs from other roundtable groups.

Previous participants derived great benefit from attending the National Forum. One participant summed up her experience in a manner that was typical
“Informative, challenging, though provoking and fun; I am hooked for life.” – Nicola O’Neill, Harvest Resources

In 2019, a National Launch Forum was held at the beginning of the 11th cycle on the 14th January.

Annual Community Forum

In response to a clear demand, a Going for Growth Community Forum is held annually. The 2019 Community Forum took place on the 23rd/24th September.

Any past participant who has completed a cycle of Going for Growth and is a paid member of the Going for Growth Community is invited to attend. The objective behind this Forum is to reinforce the sense of community and shared purpose among past participants; to keep them focused on the growth agenda; and to facilitate their participation among the Going for Growth network of Lead Entrepreneurs, experts and other participants.